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Positive feedbacks have helped Highland I.D.A. Pharmacy earn a good reputation in the community and serve you better. Read our reviews to know what our customers are saying about us.

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Highland I.D.A. Pharmacy

Switching to Highland I.D.A. Pharmacy is Easy

“Making the switch to IDA was such an easy experience, Sam took care of it all! The service at this pharmacy is friendly and personal. They take time and care about their customers. Definitely a place that I will highly recommend to others!!”

- Mandy R.

Friendly and Helpful Staff

“The owner and the staff were very friendly and helpful. They try to give you the best price, they offer senior discount and have relaxing waiting area if you are waiting for a prescription. The product I bought was broken and because of the packaging I didn't realize until I opened it. They exchanged it with a smile. Definitely will be doing more business here.”

- Anna W.

A Drugstore Catering to Your Needs

“The IDA drugstore is a great store always orders my vitamins if l run out. I am thinking of switching over my pills and from the reviews. l am pretty sold on this store. Has wheelchair access and delivery. Offers consults, flu shots, and seniors day is everyday which certainly helps me. Sam is great to deal with. Had my flu shot there last October 2018. They have pretty much everything u need and if he doesn't he will order it in for you.”

- Catherine S.

Amazing Services

 “Unlike any other store I've been too.

Service is tremendous.


I am a gardener/florist

the.weed lady”

- Bonnie G.

Pleasant Experience at the Pharmacy

 “I walked into this pharmacy because it's close to a store I was visiting. What a pleasant experience it turned out to be. I was so blown away by the friendliness of the pharmacist and his willingness to help and provide product advice. He truly seemed to want my business, and gave me a discount card that applies to all regular priced merchandise. This is a big incentive to move to this pharmacy! It reminded me of a small-town store, a relic from the past, and it made me wish that more store owners took the same approach to their customers. I will be back.”

- Equinonymous C.

Best Pharmacist

Amazing customer service. Very little wait time. Best pharmacist in town!!

- Jen C.

Amazing Personal Experience

“I wish I had noticed this pharmacy two years ago when I moved here. I happened to go in one day to see if they had two medications I needed. They not only had both, but had them both on sale too. I went back for a flu shot a month ago and after speaking with the pharmacist, Sam, I decided this will be my new pharmacy. Sam said he would have all of my records transferred for me. Yesterday I went in to drop off some old pills. Not in a million years did I think anyone would remember me by name and face (especially with my name) after one meeting. As soon as I walked in, Sam said, "Hi Fiona! I got everything transferred for you." I am really looking forward to dealing with this pharmacy and I am blown away by the personal experience you get. Thanks Sam!”

- Fiona S.

Caring Owner

“Sam is amazing! I have been dealing with pharmacy for many years all over Canada, Sam truly cares about his patents, very professional and very down to earth. I truly love walking into the store to hear him call me by my name and ask me every time how my day is going. He is not only the owner, he works there every day and is proud of what he does!”

- J Weaver

Loves the Pharmacy

“I am sharing for my neighbour, Nora Wooff as she has no google account. She loves the pharmacy, IDA and Sam. He is very caring, goes out of his way to help resolve medication problems. She is glad she made the switch. She recommends it to friends and family. She says “I tell everybody I meet to go there! They will be so happy too!”

- Heather C.

Glad to Switch to IDA Drugstore

“Sam is great! If you're looking for a more personal experience you will not be disappointed. I am so glad that I made the switch here.”

- Lydia P.

Kind and Caring Owner

“We have found that this drugstore and pharmacist Sam is like no other. He is a very kind and caring man. He takes the time to know each one of his patient’s names, what suits them best and what is most important to them. All is treated equal there, walking through the front door of his pharmacy is like coming home. He cares very much and treats you with honesty and respect.”

- Norm W.

Good Selection of Pharmacy Items

“First time here looking to pick up an item 50% off. Sam didn't stock it but did say he would bring it in and at the advertised sale price. Looks to have a good selection of pharmacy items as well as health items. Nice fireplace area for sit down consultations and coffee/cold drinks available. He and his store looks very customer oriented.”

- Angus N.

Goes the Extra Mile to Help Customers

“Sam and all of his staff are amazing!! They all go that extra mile to treat each member of their clientele on a truly personal level!”

- Julie G.

Welcoming Pharmacist

“Sam is a very caring and welcoming pharmacist and owner. He is very helpful and accommodating!! best pharmacy in Cambridge!”

- Amber N.

An Empathetic Pharmacist

“Sam, the pharmacist, is fantastic. He takes the time to listen and explain thing fully. He makes sure to understand. He and his wife are great people. They are very knowledgeable and do their best to help solve the problem you can in about.”

- Moira M.

Courteous Staff

“The best pharmacy I have the pleasure of dealing with. Courteous and most helpful. Always has what I need on time and goes out of the way to help me. Excellent service.”

- Christine H.

Relaxing Environment

“The owner and pharmacist, Sam is very personable and knowledgeable. He makes every effort to assist you and make you feel comfortable. Not your typical Pharmacy - very relaxing environment.”

- Chris M.

Personable and Caring

Great Service. Very personable & caring. I saw this flyer for free blood pressure screening for May 17th. Highly recommend you stop in to see for yourself.

- Casey

Awesome Pharmacist

“The pharmacist took the time to understand my plan and waived certain fees. He is truly awesome!

- Roland P.

Professional Pharmacist

Very, very professional and caring.

- John H.

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