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Compassionate Diabetes Care in Cambridge

Highland I.D.A. Pharmacy provides seniors living in Cambridge with diabetes care and offers healthcare-related resources. Our medical programs include:

Interpreting blood sugar readings

Training seniors on how to use blood sugar monitors

Educating how to minimize possible health complications

By offering informational resources and hosting educational events, we help seniors and people with diabetes navigating their self-care with greater ease and personal support.

Free Blood Pressure Monitoring

Visit our clinic for free blood pressure monitoring and a computer-generated graph that displays your readings. You can also find various blood sugar monitoring devices at our pharmacy to use at home at your convenience.

Educational Events

With years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, our team is trained to host monthly educational events. These events cover several aspects of healthcare that are important to our patients, such as:

Living with diabetes and caring for your feet

Blood pressure monitoring and control

Keeping asthma and COPD under control

Cholesterol management

Each clinic day starts with tasty refreshments, and then we provide you with printed health-related information. Visit us today!

Immunization Clinics

Committed to helping you and your family stay healthy all year round, Highland I.D.A. Pharmacy hosts immunization clinics to fight against common ailments like the flu.

Highland I.D.A. Pharmacy

Manage Your Prescription

If you are seeking an easier way to refill your prescription, we can help.

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